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Mr. Ching Hsin Chang

Mr. Ching Hsin Chang assumed the role of chairperson of Grand River in February 2023. Born in Taipei, Taiwan. Mr. Chang has over 20 years of investment and finance experience, and is an active investor in numerous sectors including real estate, technology, healthcare and others. Mr. Chang holds degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. Outside of work he enjoys surfing, playing baseball and traveling the world.


Mr. AARON Chan

Mr. Aaron Chan is the founder and chairman of Riant Capital which is also the investment firm that created this project, The Sky Taipei from its inception. Mr. Chan has extensive experience working in various banking and real estate industries throughout North America and Asia, also a former head of North Asia at Citi Property Investor (now Apollo Property Investors). Mr. Chan holds a Master of Business Administration and has a true passion for travelling and hospitality industry.


Mr. Chee Kien Lee

Mr. Chee Kien Lee came out from retirement and assumed the role of chief operating officer of Grand River in March 2023. Born in Malaysia, Mr. Lee has lived and worked extensively in the United States and Asia (Malaysia, Japan, India, HK, Taiwan and Australia) Mr. Lee has over 25 years of management and finance experience, and was an active professional manager in sectors including real estate, infrastructure, healthcare and others. Mr. Lee holds degrees in accounting and business. 

Project manager

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General Contractor / Construction Management

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